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  • Pingdemic: as much use as Pingu in a pub quiz

    22 July 2021

    In just a few minutes you can put a friendly message to all those disappointed people who you have to turn away. Explaining what’s happened and making clear it was an unavoidable decision.

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  • Sell more homes with LiveSpace digital signage

    18 May 2021

    One way we see estate agents building their businesses is through innovative use of digital signage. We wanted to explore what’s working well for estate agents, and where their next opportunities might come from. And, if estate agency isn’t your game, we think there are useful insights for anyone working in a person-to-person selling business, which is having to find new ways to work and grow.

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  • Think you can’t have digital signage, think again

    04 March 2021

    With wireless technology and miniaturised control modules there is always a discrete place to hide a LiveSpace system. The only ‘big bit’ is the screen itself, and if you can hang a painting, we can fit a screen. Trust us. We’re the people who put digital signage into the Houses of Parliament. If we can do it there, we can do it for you.

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  • How can you make the most of the better times ahead?

    19 February 2021

    Remember, you’re the retail expert, we’re the digital signage expert. Work with us and we can help you make time for what matters most.

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  • Digital signage Will deliver more customers

    08 January 2021

    Our clients tell us their best selling lines are the ones they chose to display on screen. So, if there is one message you should take away from this article, then it’s the power that screens place in your hands and the opportunity they provide …

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  • Ada Lovelace day 2020 Celebrating the achievements of women in technology

    13 October 2020

    From the outset, MRG has always believed in my true potential, inspiring and motivating me to develop my ability to focus on innovation with solving problems, which has helped to give me greater confidence.

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  • Using digital signage in an education setting

    14 September 2020

    Like all things digital, the landscape has altered considerably, especially recently and you want to feel the screen systems software has moved on too! If your existing content management system feels clunky and slow, then you might want to consider LiveSpace digital signage.

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  • End of lockdown - communicating clearly

    04 September 2020

    So how can you feel confident that whatever happens next, you’ll be able to communicate clearly with your customers? We believe that digital signage has a vital role to play.
    Let’s look at some common scenarios for different types of business. People who we know digital signage can help.

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  • LiveSpace sports betting system

    17 August 2020

    The LiveSpace Sports interface allows easy creation of pages for display, including those with live odds, so you can react instantly to situations as they develop during the game. LiveSpace has a variety of tools which enable the creation your own dynamic, in-game specials.

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  • Travel – Selling the dream with digital signage

    12 August 2020

    . . don’t let them get away. Give holiday seeker’s what they need to see . . . . There’s nothing like showing hours of guaranteed sunshine and great temperatures to make a sun seeker happy…

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