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Archive of: 2015

  • The Summary screens selectable data adds choice & flexibility to betting displays

    23 December 2015

    The Summary Screen has been developed as the next generation of MRG’s popular All-in-One display screen and allows bookmakers the flexibility to choose which meetings get priority in their shops. Ultimately the product has the ability to display any sports data.

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  • The new look DailyForm has it all

    30 November 2015

    The firm has revamped its DailyForm product, making it more cost effective while giving it a whole new look with additional features.

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  • Late request sees MRG step up to the ockey

    25 November 2015

    Coral were one of the main sponsors at the Singha Darts Grand Slam held at Wolverhampton Civic Hall recently. But the Tuesday before the event commenced we received a request asking if the BIDS system could be installed to control some screens at the event.

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  • Bookmakers Trade Fair 2015

    27 October 2015

    The stand had been designed to show off examples of these new products and their relevance to the future of retail screen systems. These include driving two 46” HD screens, each with four templates from a single mini PC. A plug-in USB device that transforms any TV by introducing a full HD (1080p) web browser. Each one offering new choices for digital displays in all its forms. The introduction of these devices also provides us with a variety of opportunities to enhance the back-office capabilities of our management software. BIDS5 and future solutions will exploit these benefits as we probe and develop their functionality for the purpose of delivering a better in-shop experience to customers.

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  • Welcome to our new website

    09 September 2015

    Welcome to our new website, we hope you like it. Recent web developments means the new website is now optimised for mobile and tablet displays. Coincidentally key decisions had resulted in changes at the management level of the company so it was a good time to refresh the website to better fit our future aspirations. As you can see a new logo has been designed and greater emphasis will be made of the company’s wide ranging skills and experience.

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  • Digital signage enhancements and a new website

    26 March 2015

    This website is now five years old. We have made the decision to create a new website. There have been considerable developments in website design over the past few years and we want the new site to reflect these changes. More information will be available in a future news article.

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  • ICE 2015 - MRG Systems targets international visitors

    20 January 2015

    MRG plans to attract international visitors to their stand (S1-226) at ICE 2015. Ian Hunter: “The UK market recognises we offer the most automated and comprehensive screen management system available. But there is a wealth of international visitors who have yet to discover what we can offer. And we want to change that in 2015. We look forward to meeting anyone with the task of managing a multiplicity of screens within their estate and we promise to inspire them with our latest solution; BIDS5.”

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