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Pingdemic: as much use as Pingu in a pub quiz


      Pingdemic: as much use as Pingu in a pub quiz


Thanks to the ‘Pingdemic’ lots of you are finding ‘Freedom Day’ to be about as much use as Pingu in a pub quiz.

Who’s Pingu?!? Pingu is a cartoon Penguin made famous by his incoherent babbling and sporadic loud honking noises. (We all have that one friend, don’t we?).

Meanwhile, back to the latest ‘ping-up in a brewery’… Okay, we’ll stop the dad jokes now.

The ‘Pingdemic’ - if we must call it that - is seriously bad news for many of our clients. Especially those of you in Food and Beverage, and of course Retail too.

The last thing anyone needs as the restrictions ease is to find themselves unable to fully re-open, or worse still have to shut the doors again, because their already stretched teams are ‘pinged’ by track and trace, and have to stay at home.

So, how can we help you?

Many of our customers use our digital signage in their street facing windows. That means the end of those depressing hand scribbled ‘we are closed’ notes.

In just a few minutes you can put a friendly message to all those disappointed people who you have to turn away. Explaining what’s happened and making clear it was an unavoidable decision.

You can even update your messages remotely from home. So, you can tell people when you will be opening again, and explain any changes to people’s existing bookings, or the service you’ll be providing when you re-open.

And if you’ve other businesses you work with locally, or have other branches of your own nearby, you can refer people on to somewhere who will be able to help them.

Of course, these are small crumbs of consolation if you do have to shut the door, but at least you can show some empathy rather than leaving people feeling miffed. After all this is not your fault, and your best customers will understand and want to support you through.

If you are not already using LiveSpace, find out more about what we do to help Food and Beverage businesses.

Truth be told; we’re as partial to a few pints and a decent feed as the next person, and it’s in all of our interests to see the nations cafés, pubs, bars and restaurants bounce back.

That’s why we’re actively looking for new Food and Beverage businesses to help. Even if you’ve only one venue and want to start with a single screen.

Some of our customers are even finding they can access support from local business organisations, bounce back loans, and other funding sources to help cover their investment in digital displays.

The cost to get started with LiveSpace digital signage is staggeringly low – less than the price of a coffee a day. Whereas the payback can be phenomenal.

So, what will you do with LiveSpace?

You can update your diners and drinkers with all your best offers. Change what people see throughout the day. And move away from costly printed menus and out of date posters. All advertised on digital screens inside your venue and in your windows too.

LiveSpace has a proven record in helping people like you get more people through the door, upsell them to a bigger bill, and have them return more often.

Our entry level package includes a 55-inch screen, media player, standard installation & LiveSpace licence. That’s everything you need to get started, all yours for just £35 up-front, and £60 per month.

Imagine what you could do with LiveSpace

Contact us today:

Or call us on 01453 820 840, leave your details and one of the team will call you back.