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Digital signage Will deliver more customers


Have you noticed that shoppers’ habits have changed? Coronavirus lockdown restrictions have affected the way we shop. We shop less frequently and don’t spend as much time browsing. And when customers are thin on the ground, what do you do? If the footfall and the dwell times have dropped, then it may be time to reconsider how you communicate your proposition to your customers.

A compelling and eye-catching display can easily be achieved with a small investment and it’s no more difficult to use than the apps on your mobile phone.

With digital signage you can display as many adverts, promotions, or other information as you want in a single loop. And if stopping customers in their tracks is your aim, then adding videos and slideshows will definitely make the right impression.

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Digital signage means there are no curled edges or rips in posters anymore. No-one needs to stay late or get in early to change the promotion. The content automatically changes on the day you choose, at the time you choose, on the screens you selected. You can set the schedule days or weeks earlier whilst planning your new campaign.

Our clients tell us their best selling lines are the ones they chose to display on screen. So, if there is one message you should take away from this article, then it’s the power that screens place in your hands and the opportunity they provide to reverse lacklustre sales at a very difficult time for us all.

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But it’s not always about selling. You want your customers to remain safe too. Use the screens to share important information about Covid. Explain the procedures you’ve adopted and whether you are restricting numbers in the store. If it helps, we’ve developed our own video which we give to our clients for free.

Big stores sometimes have queues form and so screens have their part to play too. This might comprise a traffic light system with a mix of messages and reminders whilst customers wait.

More recently and as a result of Covid, we now see screens with integrated temperature taking capability. Totally automated, you just need to stand within a designated space for the system to take your temperature and give you the green light. Anyone with a raised temperature is advised to seek a Covid test.

As the need to communicate information increases, it touches almost every facet of our lives. Digital signage is a multi-purpose and affordable way to communicate for any sphere of business and the messages you want to share.