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Ada Lovelace day 2020 Celebrating the achievements of women in technology


      Ada Lovelace day 2020 Celebrating the achievements of women in technology



My name is Sneha Janardhan, I have worked for nearly 8 years in the IT Industry. I always wanted to pursue a career working with companies employing leading edge technology.

In my final year at university I took part in a project for ISRO, the Indian Space Organisation. After university, I started work in Bangalore for Tata Consultancy Services as a software engineer in banking and insurance. After this, I worked in e-commerce, providing software solutions for multichannel online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

I joined MRG Systems four and a half years ago, where I started to work on digital signage and the high-performance display systems they developed for use in the betting industry. From the outset, MRG has always believed in my true potential, inspiring and motivating me to develop my ability to focus on innovation with solving problems, which has helped to give me greater confidence.

My responsibilities involve the operational management of server-based application processing as well as system monitoring, troubleshooting application and system performance issues and playing a part when major releases, roll outs and upgrades take place.

MRG systems manage in excess of 36,000 screens every day. I was given the opportunity to incorporate monitoring tools and technology which has helped us to manage those systems more efficiently.

I have always been given an equal opportunity in my role and everyone is receptive to my work and the ideas I contribute to the business. It’s good to be working for a company that has always supported me by recognising that we all need a balance between work and our family lives outside.


Hello, my name is Jessica Vines and I have been working for MRG as part of the development team for over 8 years now. So where did it all start?

I first became interested in technology and computing when my secondary school put together a successful bid for a microlight aircraft kit, funded by Boeing. This was aptly named the Build-A-Plane (BAP) Challenge and its purpose was to engage students in STEM subjects. I joined the website team and oversaw the design, creation and management of the project website which I really enjoyed. I later became involved with the build itself, with the plane partly being constructed in MRG’s warehouse at the time, which they had kindly allowed the school to use.

From this connection I discovered what MRG did and asked if I could complete my year twelve work experience with them. I thoroughly enjoyed my week with MRG and was invited back for summer work for subsequent years. This inspired me to undertake a degree in Information Technology at the University of Gloucestershire. As part of my course I completed my placement year in industry at MRG and at the end of it was offered a permanent role after completing my final year, which MRG very kindly sponsored.

I have now been working with them full time for 3 years and have been involved in many aspects of the business including customer support, software testing, user interface design, hardware setup, website design and template development. I am incredibly grateful to MRG for supporting me over the years and enabling me to find a job and sector in which I love to work.