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Digital signage enhancements and a new website

New Website

This website is now five years old. We have made the decision to create a new website. There have been considerable developments in website design over the past few years and we want the new site to reflect these changes. More information will be available in a future news article.

MRG digital signage

In Aug 2012 we announced the new version of the MRG Digital Signage system. Since then there has been a continuing programme of development. In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance improvements a number of new features have been designed to provide feature-rich, yet easily maintainable displays.

CSS Style Sheets and Templates

The capability to link a page to a CSS style sheet means that, with a little work, you can construct rich and attractive page templates, requiring minimal effort for ongoing maintenance.

By applying one or more styles to a page layer, advanced effects such as text shadows, animations, striped tables, etc. are made simple.

We have provided many examples of these effects in our ‘Showcase’ pages provided with the system.

A page template is really just a page where the layers have been carefully styled so that all the typefaces, colours, text styles, table styles, etc. are taken care of so that modifying the page content is really just a matter of ‘click and type’

You can even lock page layers to prevent accidental changes being made.

Improved Support for Tables

By applying styles to tables, table rows, and table cells you can easily create neat looking tables with or without borders, tables with alternately coloured rows, fixed width grids, etc.

As with page layers, table cells can be locked to prevent them being accidentally modified and to provide for quicker editing of the unlocked cells.

Message Effects

If you are one of those who has missed being able to choose different effects for messages, we have reintroduced Fade, Typewriter, and Static options for the display of multi-part messages.


Objects are a new type of display item. Like messages they are shown on the display, on top of whatever page is being displayed. A typical example might be a Flash analogue clock showing permanently in a corner of the screen.

Please contact us if you require more information about how these enhancements can be implemented on your system.