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Welcome to our new website

      Welcome to our new website


Welcome to our new website, we hope you like it.

Recent web developments means the new website is now optimised for mobile and tablet displays. Coincidentally key decisions had resulted in changes at the management level of the company so it was a good time to refresh the website to better fit our future aspirations. As you can see a new logo has been designed and greater emphasis will be made of the company’s wide ranging skills and experience.

For over thirty years we have acquired many prestigious clients, all of them needing a way of communicating their message to a wider audience via a TV screen or monitor. In the process the company has acquired skills, knowledge and a wealth of experience delivering projects to their successful conclusion. A brief look at the major names in our client list demonstrates this diversity. We help organisations of all sizes to deliver information, in its various forms to their screens. That may appear to be a simple requirement but it is the speed of that delivery and the capability of the user interface which characterises the success we have met over the years.

For example the betting world needs to display continually changing prices on thousands of screens with minimal delay throughout large geographical areas. That’s in addition to managing their marketing campaigns and promotions on the same screens. The food and beverage trade might want a simpler display consisting of menus and price lists whereas the banking and insurance sector might require a more complex solution for its own internal communications as well as one which manages their public-facing in-branch advertising.

Our intention is to share more frequently a variety of short articles about the company and our products. We hope you revisit the website and join us to discover more about the company and its activities.