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Looking forward to ICE 2018


      Looking forward to ICE 2018


With the approach of ICE 2018 on the horizon, we can share with you how we have redesigned our stand to show off the latest products and some established favourites at this year’s ICE exhibition. We promise an abundance of products on stand S1-226, to show off our top in-shop screen management solutions for betting operators. The exhibition takes place at ExCel on 6th - 8th February.

Bryan Corbin (Technical director) walks us through the different screen management options. “We have two core systems at the show. And it very much depends on the complexity of your own offering that determines which solution suits you best.

“For more complex operations, BIDS provides a fully featured system designed to handle the additional complexities of live racing. It allows a studio to be in complete control of the information displayed on the screens in shops, but with a number of automated features which help to reduce the studio’s workload.

“Clients who don’t need to manage complex and multiple switching of events throughout the day use our LiveSpace digital signage solution. The system is fully automated to display sports betting markets and events, showing live prices, which are displayed in real-time. The system has been developed over the last two years using the latest techniques through an Agile development process.

We are also showcasing other systems based on LiveSpace digital signage. Bryan went on to explain; “LiveSpace is so versatile, we have used it in recent projects with YouTube Space and the Welsh Assembly. But for ICE we have the new Single Meeting Screen and examples of some great digital posters any bookmaker can use to advertise their offers and promotions.

“The Single Meeting Screen consists of a touchscreen with a menu for the user to select the content they wish to see on a larger high resolution screen. Form information for horses, dogs and football is currently available.

“Customers use the menu on the tablet screen to select what they wish to view. As they progress through the menu they can chose to display the list of all of the day’s meetings, the full race card for a meeting and the form of all the runners in a particular race. All the information is displayed in real-time, so price changes, non-runners and results remain accurate and relevant.

“We will also have the DailyForm on the stand. This is another interactive touchscreen device with form data for customers to browse data that helps them make decisions where to place their bets.

“As you can see we have a variety of solutions for operators, each of them keenly priced. They add to the overall customer experience, increase the dwell time in the shop and provide clients with a high quality service. This is a good time as market conditions remain favourable for foreign companies to invest in UK products.”

Anyone wishing to meet us at ICE will find them us stand S1-226 or you can ring +44 (0)1453 820840 to book an appointment in advance.