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MRG launches the Single Meeting Screen


      MRG launches the Single Meeting Screen


On 23rd November, at the newly formed Irish Bookmakers’ Forum in Maynooth, Ireland we introduced The Single Meeting Screen, a digital racing newspaper. It is very easy to use and designed for customers seeking more information about the runners and riders taking part during the day’s racing. The system comprises a mini PC, a tablet device with menu choices which changes what is displayed on a larger screen (UHD ultra-high definition/4K).

Tablet control: This small touchscreen displays a menu through which all choices are made for horse and dog racing events. Each selection changes the display on the big screen. Customers use the menu on the tablet screen to select the meeting they wish to view. As they progress through the menu they can choose to display the list of all of the day’s meetings, the full race card for a meeting and the form of all the runners in a particular race.

All the information is displayed in real-time, so price changes, non-runners and results are dynamic, remaining accurate and relevant all the time.