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James Dinan joins the MRG development team


      James Dinan joins the MRG development team


My name is James Dinan and I first began working for MRG Systems in the summer of 2017, initially on a short-term contract to write automated tests for LiveSpace digital signage. During this summer job I was fortunate to be offered a permanent role, which I happily accepted and started in September 2017.

Prior to working at MRG, I studied Computing at the University of Gloucestershire. My degree included one year in industry, which I undertook at the Met Office. Whilst on placement I worked as a developer on two web applications. The experience helped enforce my career aspiration to be a software developer, and the skills learnt have helped with my current work developing LiveSpace features and templates for BIDS5.

Following a recent ceremony, I officially graduated with a first-class Bachelor of Science degree and was also awarded two prizes. The first prize I received was from the British Computer Society for the best contribution to Computing courses at the University. The other I received for having achieved the best overall performance by any undergraduate, both of which I am very proud to have been awarded. I am now busy working on new development tasks at MRG and hope to continue to put my degree and experience to use.

[James is pictured with the Bishop of Gloucester]