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Data Shapers minimise delay & make digital signage more dynamic


      Data Shapers minimise delay & make digital signage more dynamic


LiveSpace can accept and store large quantities of data in data objects. A single screen may only need to display a small part of that data object. To make sure that the screen is only updated when required, a data shaper is used to create a new data object from the original data. Only changes in the main data object that affect the new data object will be sent to the screen.

If that bit of data is used in different templates in different forms then the system will update all of them at the same time.

Data volumes are kept to a minimum because the rest of the page is not affected and so eliminates the need to re-send the full page. As a result, LiveSpace manages the display of all sorts of information efficiently and accurately across all screens. Whether that is pricing information, a promotions description or the value of a discount, they are all handled in the same way.