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A review of The Irish Bookmakers' Forum


      A review of The Irish Bookmakers' Forum


We created the Irish Bookmakers Forum to provide independent bookmakers with a new opportunity to experience some of the latest developments and meet some of the key suppliers to the industry. We brought together suppliers representing software systems, screens, bureau services, EPOS terminals through to maintenance and support exhibiting at the event.

The event was held at the Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth, about 20 minutes west of Dublin. MRG were joined by;

  • ABetA
  • BetByrne
  • Biztech
  • Bruce Betting
  • BTC
  • Mahon Multimedia
  • MRG Systems
  • SIS TV
  • TVC

Many betting customers are in a very competitive situation, so need to ensure they extract as much as they can from the partnership. All customers in Ireland (North and South) were invited.

Bookmakers who attended were greeted by suppliers keen to engage and help their business grow. Approximately 150 shops were represented by the attendees, so plenty of business was discussed throughout the day. Feedback from both exhibitors and suppliers has been positive, stating that the day was very worthwhile.

MRG are grateful to fellow exhibitors and attendees for helping to make the event a success and look forward to a similar event in 2018.