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Localisation in digital signage


      Localisation in digital signage


MRG featured Localisation heavily at both RDSE and GBS in May this year. But what does it actually mean?

In essence it allows commercial discretion to be applied by a local manager, allowing him or her to show locally-specific displays adverts without affecting the integrity of the corporate brand.

How does it work? Various branded pictures, animations, videos etc. are prepared by the HQ of a given organisation, some of which will reflect a region or a town, as in the example below. At particular times the local manager may choose to select one of these locally-orientated adverts and show that for a period of time, before returning to the one shown nationally. It only takes a couple of seconds for the manager to make their choice from the list.

Give me an example. A major store, with branches nationwide, is running a series of displays throughout the day. Stereotypically, it’s raining in Manchester and so the manager chooses, from his cached assets, to select and show an offer on umbrellas. Conversely, outside the Plymouth store there’s bright sunshine, allowing the local manager there to select an offer on sunglasses.

Another example is where the same template, with a change of words, could be used to refer to local sports teams. This allows a large organisation to express its roots in a local community, rather than being seen as a faceless high street brand.