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At the push of a button


      At the push of a button


How LiveSpace digital signage offers agility and speed

Sometimes, the capability to respond quickly to changing situations can make all the difference. Marketing campaigns take weeks to organise, with all their component parts synchronised to meet a designated launch date. By which time a competitor may have had several weeks of uninterrupted freedom to establish their offer.

Digital signage can significantly reduce the time it takes to develop and go live with a campaign. At the push of a button your scheduled campaign will go live on the day you choose and at a time of your choosing, guaranteed.

That’s all very well when you are building a campaign to launch. But what if you want to be reactive to events taking place around you? How do you react quickly to show you have the pulse of your local community? Or the pulse of the nation?

For example, a competitor has an appealing offer that you need to respond to with your own promotion, and quickly. A local sports team wins promotion and you want to show support by advertising your celebratory special offers. Alternatively, price comparison adverts are a great way of drawing attention to your low prices.

By integrating with your back-office systems or providing local choice, managed by head office, we have a variety of different techniques we can use to make your digital signage more agile and dynamic for your customer’s.