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LiveSpace redefines the interactive touchscreen


      LiveSpace redefines the interactive touchscreen


A number of clients have been using our touchscreen solutions for over fifteen years to share information with their audience. The sum total of MRG touchscreens in bookmakers exceeds well over 1,000 units installed around the country. The UK Parliament uses touchscreens to provide details of meetings as well as to display floor plans to help visitors navigate their way around Portcullis House.

The units were designed for screens between 19” and 26”. When we designed them we preferred infra-red technology because it was the most reliable, has the long life of expensive commercial grade screens and could expect high usage.

With recent demand for tablet type touchscreens it now appears to look comparatively expensive. Whilst there is a strong business case for some customers, we recognise they don’t suit all circumstances.

LiveSpace combines a tablet device with any ordinary, widely available flat screen to manage the content displayed on the big screen. Customers choose what they want to display from the tablet devices menu.

A feature of LiveSpace is the simplicity with which templates can be created for all sorts of purposes. If an organisation wants to share information, adverts and promotions with staff and customers the first step is to design the menu in HTML which allows users to navigate to the content of their choice.

LiveSpace manages the whole thing, from adding text to displays or images and video onto the system. When the end user chooses what they wish to see from the menu, it is immediately displayed on the large screen.

Another advantage of this solution is that you win a greater share of the available screen space to display your content, because the menu and tabs are no longer required to be displayed on the main screen.

The comparative savings of this solution can be as much as 50% just by combining a tablet with a flat screen. That’s significantly cheaper than other large touchscreen solutions but with all the benefits.