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LiveSpace localisation


      LiveSpace localisation


The localisation feature in LiveSpace is a fresh look at making digital signage more responsive and relevant at the coal face. Local managers become more engaged when given the opportunity to directly influence the popularity and potential success of their unit or department through well chosen, tailored advertising. If customer communication and experience is improved through better targeted advertising then the LiveSpace localisation feature offers new ways to manage and target customers with winning promotions.

Localisation is the display of special offers and promotions on designated screens managed solely by local unit managers. It is the staff on the ground who can choose the most appropriate offers and promotions presented to them in a drop down list on the screen. The selection is made via a tablet, mobile or TV remote control type device.

Head office is responsible for creating and making the promotions and special offers available through the LiveSpace user interface and overseeing the full system. Local stores only have access to content via the menu made available to them on these designated screens.

For example the coffee shop manager may be keen to reduce stock nearing its sell-by-date. An individual store might choose to display the promotion for “20% off all muffins. Offer ends 4pm today”. Equally, the large department store might choose to promote its range of ladies rainwear on rainy days. Other stores around the country will each advertise the products best suited to their local circumstances and particular clients’ tastes.