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HTML templates are easy


      HTML templates are easy


One of the crucial aspects of MRG’s display systems is the inclusion of HTML templating. Prior to the existence of HTML, all display systems had to create and use proprietary languages. This caused training and development issues for everyone concerned. HTML is now the most commonly used display language and is at the root of the World Wide Web. This means there is a plentiful supply of people trained in the use of HTML.

MRG uses HTML5 in conjunction with CSS3. The HTML part of templates specifies what is to be displayed and CSS controls how it is displayed - colour, font, size, location etc. HTML also enables the display of images, which means our clients can be very creative with their screen designs. Combine this with data tags which enable the display of up-to-date content any changes are triggered very rapidly by updates in the source database.

These technologies enable customers to produce high quality displays with minimal effort. Indeed this was demonstrated when a new client, Bar One Racing, was able to adapt the supplied sample templates after a one-hour training session to reflect their company image with 2 designers and little further input from MRG. We believe that the adoption of HTML technologies provides customers with a fully functional and simple to use display mechanism that can be made ready by clients very quickly.