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Communicating transport updates to the travelling public


      Communicating transport updates to the travelling public


Travel can be difficult sometimes. So when everything seems to be gridlocked how do you communicate the options available to an information hungry audience? Tube strikes can close large swathes of a network, roads can be gridlocked and bus queues might form to snake around a terminus. This is the very moment when timely and accurate travel information comes into its own.

At MRG we have many years’ experience of handling diverse data feeds and merging and collating the resulting data into meaningful displayed information. LiveSpace displays information in a modern way, allowing that information to be easily updated and configured for multiple locations. A Transport Data Connector is used to collate travel data from TfL, National Rail, the Highways Agency and Google with a set of HTML templates that display the data specific to each screens location.

So anyone wondering how to get home on a difficult transport day has accurate information on a single screen to help them make their decision. The system can be configured to show any combination of the following as per the image above;

  • Tube Status Board
  • Network Rail Status
  • TfL departures
  • National Rail Departures and Arrivals
  • Google Travel Map
  • London Road Corridor Issues
  • Local traffic within 3kms (configurable)
  • Motorway incidents

*With strikes affecting travel during ICE Totally Gaming, this screen will be available during the show.