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How data can be used in retail digital signage


      How data can be used in retail digital signage


Historically, digital signage systems were installed to achieve an uplift in sales over and above the sales achieved with paper versions of a company’s advertising, promotions and the special offers. Here at MRG, we believe the use of live data within your advertising campaigns is equally as persuasive. Here are a few examples;

  • Your campaign needs a boost, so a change to the discounted price needs to be acted on swiftly. You need a responsive mechanism that is easy to manage
  • You need to ensure your advertised prices on the digital signage system are the same as in your tills. We can take a data feed to ensure it all matches perfectly
  • You are a big brand with nationwide coverage but want to automatically adjust the prices to suit the locality
  • You’ve sold out! And a quick tick against the item instantly records ‘Sold Out’ on the menu boards and other displays
  • A close competitor is aggressively marketing a product you both stock. You need to respond with a campaign on your own terms

LiveSpace digital signage automates many features to reduce manual intervention. It uses minimal bandwidth because only the change is transmitted without re-transmitting the image or other associated collateral.