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LiveSpace digital signage


      LiveSpace digital signage


It is widely recognised that the introduction of digital signage immediately creates an uplift in sales. So when we developed LiveSpace one of our intentions was to incorporate some of the things we’d learned whilst providing solutions to bookmakers; an industry renowned for driving their screens hard. This was a terrific starting point as more digital signage clients begin to explore different ways of harnessing the data they own. From a company with years of experience handling big data, multiple data feeds and very large numbers of screens it made sense to us to offer something new to the general digital signage user.

One of the components we introduced into the development has been the use of data objects. Data objects can be used in any number of templates so, for instance, a special offer can be displayed in a number of ways as part of other screen displays in either portrait or landscape views. As soon as the offer price is updated all of the screens will update together.

Screens are grouped together so that those with the same function can all be controlled together. LiveSpace allows each screen to be a member of more than one group, each with a different priority. This means that the same offer is available on all screens by scheduling it to be displayed in a high priority group that they are all members of. When the page is removed they will automatically go back to showing what they had before.

Localisation is a feature that managers can use to display a page relevant to their particular shop or department. All the content is managed centrally but some pages are marked and made available in a list for local managers to use. A coffee shop manager, with a remote control or keyboard might choose to promote croissants at a discounted price to minimise anticipated wastage. The promotion is replaced with an alternative when it is no longer required.