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Getting more from your screen systems

      Getting more from your screen systems


If you are visiting the Trade Fair on the 27th October in Solihull, MRG will show new independent products that work for the big high street chains but which can also be installed in any shop right now. These products make it easy to add your own specials and promotions, add new interest, more features and provide a better customer experience. They give customers more reasons to stay in the shop resulting in increased sales and improved loyalty.

Supplementary screens

This year we introduced LiveSpace, a digital signage system that drives supplementary screens in a shop. Whether that is the digital signage in your windows and behind the desk, All-in-One screens or digital versions of the racing papers on the walls, LiveSpace adds eye-catching displays for you to promote your best deals, push future events and make it truly targeted to your own customers’ tastes.


With additional marketing screens under your control you can add any special offer or promotion any time you like. You don’t even have to be in the shop to do it. And if you have more than one shop you only need to do it once, the change is instantly transmitted to all the screens with the same advert. When you’re thinking about and planning the promotions and offers you might choose to create the adverts in advance. If you do then you can schedule them to run at times which maximise their effectiveness. Once you’ve set the schedule you can be confident they display exactly when you want to see them on your screens.


LiveSpace provides you with the ability to localise the content being displayed in each shop. You can create a series of special offers and allow each shop to select the ones they want to display, either by using a simple remote control or with a PC behind the counter. Managers can choose the best promotion from the list they know customers will like and works in their shop. Let’s say you are based in a large town or city with more than one football team. Depending on where you are based you might only show the offer for the blue team! We might also be able to automate the display of prices on the screens. This depends if you are part of a bigger group or the availability of data from your price supplier.


LiveSpace can grow from a single screen controlled in a shop up to a system capable of accepting data feeds from a number of sources and providing fast automatic updates to thousands of screens. It introduces numerous new features into shops not previously available.


LiveSpace was only launched at the beginning of the year but it has already won big contracts. One of them is YouTube Spaces, a service provided by YouTube at its new offices in Kings Cross, London. All thirty two of the outward facing window screens and the array of 75” screens on an internal wall run LiveSpace digital signage, displaying over 150 concurrent videos. So whatever you need MRG will deliver exciting solutions to enliven any shop and be the envy of your competitors.

LiveSpace uses the latest technologies and achieves greater sophistication in the design of its user interface whilst at the same time making it simple to operate. Sophisticated technical knowledge is not required to operate the system which enables staff to devote more time to generate exciting content that appeals to your customers’ appetites. Off-the-shelf hardware is used which is easy to source and significantly cheaper than the bespoke in-shop PCs solutions currently in use.

Get on board and take back control. LiveSpace digital signage has numerous options to boost sales and build better customer loyalty through the deployment of smarter screen solutions.


We want clients to enjoy the benefits of LiveSpace so our prices start at £20 per month for a licence to connect to the cloud service. We make the process as quick and simple as possible so you could be up and running in days. Ring Darren Macdonald or Ian Hunter on 01453 820840 for a chat about your aims and how we will help you to achieve the best results for your business.

We have lots to share about LiveSpace so connect with us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @MRGsystems for the latest news and developments.