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The Digital Concierge

      The Digital Concierge


Part of the LiveSpace digital signage systems for the Hospitality Industry

Those in the hotel and hospitality industry will be keenly aware of the various queries and questions staff receive from their many guests each season during their stay or visit. Most questions are probably routine, which means you can rely on staff to handle them easily. Good training and experienced staff hearing the same questions a hundred times before will mean most enquiries are dealt with efficiently and courteously. But what if there is no member of staff available at the time or the front desk is busy and a queue has formed creating delays? How is that perceived by your guests?

The display of tourist information leaflets can get messy, they are frequently dropped or you can run out of the popular ones. What do you do to ensure guests have all the information they need? In this digital age there is a better way of making information accessible, simple to find and easy to use by guests of all ages.

The LiveSpace Digital Concierge is a touchscreen device that provides answers to all the questions your guests routinely ask staff. Every unit is bespoke to your locations, offering information about local attractions and suggestions for places to visit, like pubs and nightlife, family fun or transport links, plus much more.

Branded for your business, the LiveSpace Digital Concierge displays what you want to show and is easily configured with the information you choose. Transport timetables, the latest theatre performances, outdoor activities and attractions, museums and galleries etc.

Publish menus from your restaurant and promote your in-house services with the confidence that everything you include is easy to edit manually when the details change. You can add a data feed from your back-office systems guaranteeing the correct information is being displayed at all times and is synchronised with your own systems; for example menu and spa treatment prices etc.

Tablets and touchscreens are sited anywhere convenient for clients to use. The information is always current and available. The Digital Concierge is a twenty-four hour front desk assistant designed for the digital age - it simply needs power and internet.

LiveSpace – putting your information how, when and where you want it.