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MRG introduces LiveSpace digital signage at ICE2016

      MRG introduces LiveSpace digital signage at ICE2016


We are increasingly providing more off-the-shelf hardware solutions into the UKs betting shops. These include powerful servers driving multiple screens, mini-PCs, HDMI plug-in devices and even smart TVs, harnessing the latest display software to facilitate the digital displays of the future. This means more flexibility is being delivered into shops capable of providing a digital display solution for any size of budget.

Bryan Corbin – Technical Director says; “Whilst BIDS currently remains the cornerstone product for bookmakers operating in the UK & Irish LBO markets this does not have to be the case in areas where sports betting is the lead product and where their display requirements are less complex to manage by their back-office systems.”

With smaller, cheaper hardware and simpler, easy to automate display requirements MRG has married the two elements together to create LiveSpace. Exploiting the latest software techniques to create a digital signage system capable of addressing retail estates with large numbers of screens.”

Several examples of LiveSpace in a betting environment will be on display at ICE2016. MRG will show three of the most popular formats at the exhibition. Look out for the football markets screen, the single meeting display and the racing summary screen.

Corbin; “LiveSpace is an independent signage system capable of providing additional screens and content within existing betting shops. It is capable of receiving data from multiple sources so it can be used by any organisation, not just those who have BIDS at their central site. It is this feature that makes it revolutionary and will provide additional new information without having to replace an existing gantry system.”

One of the company’s most highly acclaimed products has been the DailyForm touchscreen form guide. The firm has revamped the DailyForm, making it more cost effective while giving it a whole new look with additional features. They have almost turned the whole product on its head; switching it to landscape rather than portrait. The change in orientation helps to improve the navigation for customers, allowing them to easily move between three tiers of menus, ensuring the relevant data is always easily accessible and only a few taps away.
Darren Macdonald – Sales & Support Manager said; “A huge bonus for any company with their own data or access to third party data is that we can easily add as many additional sports they desire. So for example, if customers want access to team or player details for basketball and baseball then it will be added.”

Also aiding navigation is the introduction of swipe and drag capabilities to the interface. The new DailyForm can be easily changed to feature a bookmakers’ corporate colours and logo to the screens.

You will find MRG in their usual spot at ICE on stand S1-226.